August 3, 2017


I am Idowu-Agida Oludare Isaac and i welcome you on board, this is a platform for everyone and the place everybody should visit for knowledge base about God Almighty and His visitation and out-pouring of power in this later day to those that desire hunger and taste for the things of God.

I created this platform for myself in quest for lasting solution to challenges, joblessness, poverty, lacking good things, shame, chaos, recession, famine etc that is viable in our world today  I discover that everyone is affected either directly or indirectly by various situations and circumstances, having neighbors, loved ones and families etc so i see the need to be my brother’s keeper by extending my love to others from here.

I hope everyone would make good use of the opportunities that God has made nature bring to us  and see ourselves as adding values to life rather than being a liability and making excuses about current and pass events.