Life Is In Faces : Human Are In Sizes

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Dare to be real as mortal being that you are and never make yourself look too much or perfect because no matter the level of knowledge, wisdom and understanding of human,there would be iota of limitation to what is known at a particular in age so, that is why there is need for so much pursuit for these things by man (knowledge, wisdom and understanding).

Every human want to lord over other fellow man out of the desire for supremacy, esteem and status traced to human lifestyle but could have made such things occur or character exist?I will show you various instances people should know about themselves and other mankind today using below question tags to buttress my opinions.

Life Is In Faces – Genesis chapter one

Can explain where the life that you have now come from and where it will go when you are dead?
What make you think you are better than everyone else?
Do you know yourself more than yourself? (yourself implies spiritual being within man ).

Human Are In Sizes – Genesis 1:27

Close you eyes and tell me, who do you see?
Hold your breath now and don’t breath again for twenty- four hours.
Off your clothes now, walk naked and bear footed on the public road in the day light tell me are you smiling and greeting people while moving?
Refuse drinking water for eight days tell me are you still feeling good?
Do not eat food for one year tell me are still alive?
Important Lesson For You – Job. 2:4; Matt.6:1-4

Human is nothing without the existence of some natural elements because God made it so. Matt.6:25-28 – I beg of you, never be anxious, ambitious or selfish over anything but be thankful to god for what you have now and don’t forget to share from whatever you have with those around you.Job 41:11 and John 3:27 – Whatever a man have is not his own but it is given to him by God and if God is not pleased with you He’ll take it away from you because 1 John 4:8 say God is love and whoever does not love knowest not God.

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